Space Mission Thomas


December 2016

Item Number:


Space Mission Thomas is an Adventures talking engine. It includes a Talking Thomas with a snap-on space helmet, and a flatbed containing a jet engine. Pressing the button on Thomas' cab activates a random phrase and his lamp turns on.


The phrases feature radio static and space sounds.

  • "Next stop, the moon!"
  • "3! 2! 1! (whirring) Blast off!"
  • "Where to next?" (bleeping)
  • "Thomas to Sodor! Come in Sodor!"
  • "Floating fireboxes! Zero gravity! (whirring)"
  • "Next stop, Mars!"
  • "Rattle my radars!"


  • Thomas is voiced by Joseph May.
  • The snap-on space helmet piece is re-used from Stanley in Space.
  • Two of Thomas' phrases were re-used from the US version of the R/C Turbo Flip Thomas toy, another Thomas & Friends toy made by Fisher-Price.


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