Shark Escape Salty


April 2017

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Shark Escape Salty is an Adventures talking engine. It includes a Talking Salty with a snap-on shark cage piece, and a shark tank cargo car. Pressing the funnel on Salty activates a random phrase and his lamp turns on.


  • "Ahoy there, me heartie!"
  • "Yo ho ho and a little bit of bait! Caught me a shark from the size of a freight!"
  • "Yo ho ho and a little bit of skill! Caught me a shark by the tip of his gill!"
  • "Mind your fingers! This one's hungry! Ha har!"
  • "Aye, the sea is a fright to behold! Waves the size of mountains, a squid the size of a diesel train!"
  • "Here, fishy-fishy-fishy! Har har har!"


  • Salty is voiced by Keith Wickham.
  • The prototype Shark Escape Salty features no snap-on piece and a blue truck with a cargo piece.


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